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Council Members for 2012-2013

Co-chair –  Annette Taylor
Co-chair – Pam Rocker
Secretary – Bruce Hutchinson
Treasurer – Judy Amsbury


Tony Burnett
Ruth Bramham
John Calhoun
Jennifer Carter-Morgan
Sally Harris
Warren McDougall
Collin Smith
Marco Ste-Marie


Archivist: Edward Avey
Communications Coordinator – Tony Burnett
Consensus Editor: Jackie Harper
Email List Coordinator: Tony Burnett (Please contact Tony if you would like to be added to our regular Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble Email Newsletter)
Membership Coordinator – John Calhoun


We now have our approved bylaws available in both French and English.  If you would like a copy, contact Tony Burnett, Communications Coordinator, for the language of your choice.