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Affirm United/ S’affirmer Ensemble is a volunteer-led movement with very minimal staffing. We’ll try our best to respond quickly, but there may be a delay. Have a look through these contact forms to find the person. We use these forms to protect our members’ privacy and safety. Here’s a quick guide:

If you need pastoral care or support, please don’t hesitate: use this form.

Anything to do with the Affirming process should go to our volunteer Affirming ministry coordinators. This includes questions about the process; check- ins and questions about votes and other important milestones; finalizing required documents; and setting up your celebration of becoming Affirming.

Interested in our governance and policies? Contact our chairpeople here.

Interested in knowing more about AUSE? Want to something to our site or newsletter, or ask us to promote your Affirming event, or set up a workshop? Contact our Communications Coordinator.

Want to get hold of our logo? Affirming ministries and those about to celebrate are eligible and should use this form.

Interested in Iridesce, the Living Apology project? Check out their site.

Merchandise: we have an online store now! Yes!

And if you don’t know who to write to, contact our ten hours per week Communications Coordinator! They’ll help you figure it out.