AU/SE Workshops

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In addition to the amazing events offered by our national network of 200+ Affirming ministries and those in the Affirming process, look at these options:

For local workshops and all other Affirming events, see our national calendar.

Iridesce, The Living Apology project: This project will run through 2018, and animates the United Church of Canada’s discernment of an apology to LGBTQQIA+ and Two Spirit communities. Have a look at their website, especially the Events page, to see what this important project can offer your ministry or community.

Why Become Affirming? workshop: “Why become Affirming when we’re already welcoming?” We hear this question a lot. And we have some good responses. We have materials, sample agendas, and funding to help you and your community hold an interactive, conversation-based workshop that can help you respond to the continued need to be Affirming. Contact the Communications Coordinator.