Affirming Ministries

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Affirming ministries are on a journey towards being publicly, intentionally, and explicitly inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.  Any ministry in the United Church and beyond can enter the process and become Affirming; our nationwide network includes local churches, church structures, women’s groups, assisted living facilities, and more—more all the time!

Right now, the program is mostly focused on the United Church of Canada, because of AUSE’s long history with the United Church. If your ministry is not United Church, but is interested in exploring radical welcome, please take a look at our resources. Maybe we can help!

Have a look around this site section; from core resources to locating an Affirming Ministry near you; from upcoming celebrations of newly declared Affirming Ministries to stories from Affirming ministries, there’s lot here to spark your energy.  If you have specific questions, get in touch with our volunteer Affirming ministry coordinators and they’ll help you out.


Since the first day I walked in here, I have been included…this church tells me I am valued. And to be valued is to belong!
—A member of Trinity United, an Affirming Ministry in Vancouver

Kamloops United Church (BC) at the Thompson Rivers University Pride march, 2016.